Valances & Top Treatments

Valances are fabric headings that are sometimes referred to as top treatments. Valances can be a very simple or elaborate design. The valance is usually made of fabric matching a drapery or curtain. It can be made flat, made to shirr on rod pocket, or made to hang from a board. The valance is usually classified as rod pocket or board mount. In both applications it is hung separately and in front of the drapery, curtain or blind, shade.

Valances were created originally for the purpose of hiding exposed rods with no decorative mounting and the tops of shades and blinds. However, today the valance can stand alone as a window treatment without a drapery, curtain, blind or shade. The valance can be embellished and given a sophisticated appearance with trim and banding. Valances can be both contemporary and traditional as determined by the fabric and embellishment.

The Charleston Valance over draperies is a great idea for a comfortable but elegant ambiance in a bedroom. This valance has great appeal due to the sleek and even curves of the hem line which is emphasized by the vertical lines of the bell shaped pelmuts. The valance is lined in a solid coordinated fabric to contrast the printed face fabric. This added touch for a stunning decor.

The charleston valance is shown over floor length draperies that drape the floor. The draperies can be fabricated to open and close (pinch pleats draperies) or rod pocket (stationary draperies).

The Kingston Valance is a formal elegant valance with pleats or gathers. It is usually embellished with trim. Although the trim is not always necessary when using a print fabric. The elegant valance can be used over drapery panel or as a window treatment without additional layers of window treatment. The Kingstons valance can stand alone as a very beautiful window treatment.

Swags & Jabots/Cascades are a traditional style valance. The swag is the center portion of the this style that contains several rolls of folds.

The number of swags are determined by the size of the window or space that the swag & jabots/ cascades will cover.

The side portions of this style is called the cascades. Sometimes the cascades are referred to as jabots.

The cascades are pleated or gathered and fall gracefully down the left and right sides of this style. This swag & cascade style can be mounted on a board or hung over a rod.

The Cambridge Valance is a rod pocket valance that is generallyconsidered informal. This style of valance can be used in a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, or informal living and dining rooms. The Cambridge Valance is gorgeous in print fabric and is also attractive in solid fabrics with trim or tassels embellishments.

The Pixy Valance is a informal rod pocket "V" shaped valance that is generally used in the bedroom, a recreational room, an informal living room or dining room.It is a flat valance that has at least 3 sections.

The number of sections is determined by the width of your window or the area that is being covering. This is an attractive valance with a 3" rod pocket which uses a 2 1/2" flat curtain rod. The Pixy Valance can be embellished with a cording or tassel trim.